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Solar Panel Generator System

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This is about the most basic solar panel kit you would ever want to get.  You get the powerbox which houses the battery and
electronics. A 10 watt solar panel comes with it that charges the battery. Four LED bulbs come each with a socket attached to a cord that
each have their own on/off switch. You also get a USB charging cable with multiple heads. Two USB ports let you charge a couple things at once.

The LED bulbs use 3 watts and produce 100 lumens. Roughly each bulb is as bright as 12 candles. You won’t be able to run appliances off this
system other than what you can through the USB ports. During a grid down power outage you’ll be able to keep a light on and an eye out.

A handy dandy handle makes carrying a cinch and a battery indicator lets you know how much energy is still in the box.
Its better to get yourself one now than wait till you need one and you can’t order it.




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