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Solar LED Window Candles

Think how nice these LED candles would look in your windows?
The soft warm glow adds a peaceful and friendly touch to your house during the darkness of night. LED candles, especially solar candles that charge a battery are safe compared to wax candles that could start a fire.



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  These candles use a readily available AAA 1.2v 600mAH NI-MH battery.  During the day the solar panel uses the light outside to charge to battery.  When it gets dark the candle turns on.  There are 3 settings:  Off, On(just a steady on) and flicker(looks like a real candle).

There are suction cups which you wet to stick them against a window.  The window should get plenty of sun.  In the longest part of winter, under dark gloomy skies, these have still been able to stay lit on flicker all night long with only 8 hours daylight.  You get no warning when the power goes off.  Having these around the house will make sure you don’t wake up completely in the dark some night.



Decide where the candle will go, choose the lit duration, and stick it to the window.  Easy Peasy.

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