Solar LED Window Candles – What To Look For When Buying

You are thinking about how nice lit candles would look in your windows. The soft warm glow adds a peaceful and friendly touch to your house during the darkness of night. Maybe you decided to go with LED instead of using wax candles that could cause a fire. There are electric candles with cords that plug in and the battery operated ones can cost you even more over time since you will buy a lot of them. We will discuss what to keep in mind as you make your selection.

The Importance Of The Right Battery

So you decided to go solar so you won’t have to buy batteries constantly. Even though you will likely get up to 2 months out of 2AA batteries after a while it feels like you are changing them every week. Your candles will still have batteries though if it is solar powered.
Rechargeable batteries will be in your candle. There are many types of batteries, in many shapes and sizes, and voltages. Should you plan to have your candle for many years then eventually a day is coming when the battery will no longer hold a charge. A good word of advice is to buy a candle that uses a common easy to get battery so when you need to replace it then it is easy to find them. Usually AA rechargeable batteries are easy to find, inexpensive, and provide a long life. A smaller battery will not hold a charge as long and a larger size battery will give you more hours of light.

Choosing The Best Window Fastener

One area often and easily overlooked when purchasing a candle will be how it fastens to the window. This will be up to your discretion but here are some tips of what is out there.
Suction cups! Anyone who has ever used suction cups know that at first they work great and can have a strong grip. Over time though it gets closer to the day when the suction dries out and fails. Usually you can just wet it and stick it back in place after you pick your candle up off the floor. Always consider this because it may be a factor in deciding if it is right or wrong for you.

Screw fasteners. There are some that you can screw to your window frame (please don’t try putting a screw in the glass). Personally I don’t like holing up my window frames. Should you don’t mind then this may be for you. A candle screwed to your window renders a more permanent approach.

Then we have the “NO” fastener. It just sits on your sill. Easy to put there., easy to remove, easy to knock off to. A base that is weighted well it will remain there. Most candles will weigh next to nothing so if the base isn’t stable or weighted they are knock over prone.

Decide Where The Candle Will Go

Prior to making any purchase consider where it will go. You want a window or windows that get direct sunlight. If all it gets is daylight they can still charge but they might not and they definitely won’t have as much charge as one in direct sunlight. I have candles that light even on a gloomy day but they don’t give light as long at night when they do.
You definitely don’t want to put any in high shadow, dark areas. They likely won’t charge at all. Solar candles are a great idea however if they aren’t where they can charge they are useless. In those cases a battery operated candle would be a good option for windows that must be lit. One option is to buy rechargeable batteries with a solar charger. You will just have to replace them every month or two.

Choosing The Lit Duration

One feature that has been becoming pretty common is a lit duration selector button. Some you can set to light for 6 hours. Some will stay on all night until the battery is drained. There are other hour settings you can find as well.

In general the lumens, the amount of light emitted, don’t vary a lot with solar candles. Obviously the brighter the light the more battery drain. There is a feature that most have and for some it is the only available option and that is “flicker”. It is amazing how much longer a battery will stretch on flickering candle than a steady light. Should you want your candle to have the appearance of being “real” then you most certainly want your flame to flicker.

Now You Are Ready To Go Shopping

By now, you have a good understanding of the basics to Solar LED Window Candles. This should give you all you need to go out and make the ideal informed purchase. You know to look at the battery type. You have decided if you want your candle to sit on the sill, suction to the glass, or screw to the frame and decided what windows will be available to solar and which ones won’t. Last of all you are clear of the difference between steady flame and flicker and its effect on battery life and the outcome you desire. Now get out there and shop while this is fresh in mind.

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