About Inner Torch

Welcome to Inner Torch.

This website uses affiliate links, which means if you click through and buy something you could be helping to keep this website up.  Any opinions, humor or grammatical errors expressed in the posts on this site are strictly expressions of this website only.  Instead of having advertising plastered all over the website like other sites do, we use affiliate links to products we are showcasing anyway to earn revenue. 

We strive to find unique, unusual, and rare items that would make great gifts or handy items to make life even more awesome.


There is always some occasion where a gift is needed.  Why get the same lame gifts everyone else gives? Time for something that will make them think of you every time they see or use the item.  Something memorable that you haven’t seen before, something… different.

We are constantly searching for new items to display on our site.  We welcome suggestions you may have as new things are coming out every second and the bigger the web gets the more neat stuff there is to sift through.

All the best,

August Napoli (webmaster)